We help brands build customer loyalty with blockchain traceability.
We are planted in Middle America.

Our mission is to help companies in the food industry reach, engage and convert more loyal customers with messages about food origination and authenticity using blockchain data from food industry supply chains. While we are at it, we can also help you leverage blockchain technology to align your supply chain and remove friction to increase productivity and profit.

With locations in Arkansas and Texas, Blockchain Ready Studio is made up of engineers, developers, marketers and storytellers that are experienced and deeply committed to helping companies embrace digital transformation and employ blockchain solutions.

We are accelerating our capacity to help farmers, ranchers, coops, suppliers, transporters, shippers, retailers, restaurants and other companies along the food service supply chain to develop competitive strategies.

Consumers want more transparency about their food, and we’re passionate about providing that.
  • Was this chicken treated humanely on the farm?
  • Were the workers who picked these apples paid a fair wage?
  • Has this rice been sitting in a storage facility somewhere for months before being bagged?
  • Was this fresh fruit grown on a small farm in America or shipped in from a huge, over-seas factory-farm?
  • Did this milk come from a happy and healthy dairy cow?

The answers to all these questions and more are available in blockchain data, and we are here to help you leverage it.

Let us know if you think you could benefit from our blockchain technology platform or have an idea for a new way that blockchain technology can help your company.
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