We make blockchain traceability and certifications transparent.
Why is Blockchain a Solution?

Our global production practices are increasingly complex. Blockchain technology simplifies the process, is traceable, boosts trusted relationships, reduces waste and risk.

Benefits for BRANDS

Our solution makes it easy for brands to share their marketing stories by including videos of their suppliers with shoppers in addition to evidence of how the product the shopper is holding was made.

  • Brands are on-boarded to their private content management system where they can upload marketing and promotional content alongside blockchain data.
  • Brands have options for how the UniQR™ Code is designed and batched for package printing.
  • Brands select what origination data, traceability data and certifications they want to show consumers and then upload that data into the blockchain platform.

The Blockchain Ready Studio then merges the marketing and traceability data into one fast-loading landing page about that specific product that is visible via QR-Code. All this is managed through The Originals, our marketing campaign platform that combines the power of shopping and travel.

Benefits for SHOPPERS

Consumers want quality, healthy food made in a way that respects people, cultures and the environment. They are rightly skeptical that many such product claims are misleading or untrue.

  • Data is not enough for consumers though. They want to see the people behind the product: the farmers, ranchers, and producers.
  • Consumers want to use their purchasing power to make sure that the companies they support represent caring people with good intent.
  • Brands hold their suppliers to high standards and need consumers to understand that and believe in the people behind the brand label.
  • We blend true storytelling with immutable blockchain data and credentials to show consumers how much you care about them and stand by your product.



Blockchain Platforms for Products that Shoppers can Trust


Share the Authenticity, Quality and Value of Your Products with Your Customers.

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