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Blockchain Ready Studio is focused on supply chain and is a partner with IBM Food Trust.  Our consumer-facing platform can be integrated with the information in IBM Food Trust or any other data source.
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Produce Blockchain News

World’s Second-Largest Grocer Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain (04.11.2019)

Albertsons Companies, the world’s second-largest supermarket company by sales, has joined IBM’s Food Trust blockchain, a digital system for tracking and tracing food between retailers and suppliers.

“This is not the place to compete in my opinion. This is one place where it’s about serving the interests of our customers. Food safety is paramount. It’s table stakes.” READ MORE >>

For HHS, blockchain means faster ID management and safer mangoes (06.06.2019)

The Department of Health and Human Services already uses blockchain in its acquisition shop to buy bulk items more cheaply, but now the Food and Drug Administration sees it as a tool to manage threats to the global food supply chain.

Frank Yiannas, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for food policy and response, said the agency looks to use blockchain to pinpoint the source of food safety concerns in a matter of minutes, not days. READ MORE >>