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Blockchain News for Beer, Wine & Spirits

The University of Glasgow and Everledger Use Blockchain to Fight Counterfeit Scotch Whiskies


The University of Glasgow joined forces today with distributed ledger blockchain solutions company Everledger Ltd. to produce tamper-resistant bottle tags to track rare Scottish whiskies. The Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre today announced that the Glasgow institution that researchers will use provenance techniques during the distillation and bottling processes to provide producers, retailers, auction houses and collectors proof that bottles are authentic.  (READ MORE)

Hamil Farms and Others Launched a New 'Bock Chain' Beer


Hamil Farms, an Alberta-based company, teamed up with Canada Malting Co., Red Shed Malting, Last Best Brewing & Distilling, and TE-FOOD, to create a 'Block Chain' beer. The beer leverages blockchain technology to allow customers to trace ingredients all the way to the final product.  (READ MORE)

Tencent, Fidelity Backed Everledger Launches Blockchain Bottle Closures for Wine Industry


Today, blockchain provenance company Everledger launched anti-tamper bottle closures powered by blockchain technology. Just seven months ago, the startup received $20m in a Series A funding round from Tencent, Fidelity and others. The smart closures solution is targeted at the wine and spirits industry to prevent counterfeiting.

Leveraging blockchain, Everledger aims to protect wine and alcohol brands from fraudsters and ensure quality control through transparency.  (READ MORE)

EY Japan to Fight Counterfeit Sake with Blockchain


EY Japan, the Japanese branch of global accountancy firm Ernst & Young, has announced plans to launch a blockchain system for tracking Japanese sake and fruit and preventing the sale of fraudulent or counterfeit products.

According to Asian Nikkei Review, EY Japan’s SAKE Blockchain will be rolled out across Asia once the threat of the coronavirus and a stable business environment has been reestablished in the region. (READ MORE)

Piedmont Winery Adopts Blockchain Closures


Joint-owned by Timorasso pioneer Walter Massa, Vigneti Massa has launched the 2018 vintage of its wines with Guala’s new connected closures.

The closures on bottles of its Derthona Costa del Vento, Derthona Montecitorio and Derthona Sterpi will now provide consumers with detailed information on where the wines were made and the vineyards in which the grapes were grown. Tasting notes and expert reviews can also be viewed.  (READ MORE)

Anheuser-Busch Will Expand Work with BanQu after Blockchain Pilot


Anheuser-Busch InBev is continuing its partnership and investing more funds with BanQu, a blockchain company the beer giant used in a pilot to help track cassava grown by Zambian farmers, according to a press release. Cassava is a root vegetable sometimes used to make beer and this pilot connected thousands of farmers to the BanQu platform to track their sales. (READ MORE)

Over 130-Year-Old Liquor Company William Grant & Sons to Track Whiskey on Blockchain


Premium scotch whisky brand Ailsa Bay is reportedly about to release what it believes to be the world’s first scotch whisky tracked with a blockchain-based system. Liquor-related news website The Drinks Business reported on the development on March 26.

Ailsa Bay is owned by William Grant & Sons (WG&S), a liquor company founded in 1887 that, according to Crunchbase, has a yearly revenue of about $80 million. Per the report, WG&S has partnered with blockchain company arc-net to develop the new products and a system that will track the complete distilling and manufacturing process from the source to the store. (READ MORE)

The First Beer to Use Blockchain Technology Re-Launches


Those of you who follow my blog The Dirty Hallion might remember I wrote a piece on Downstream IPL when it was released last year. As a beer nerd I loved being able to know more about the beer I was drinking and the fact it was a pretty tasty brew was an added bonus. Well it’s back... And for those of you who don’t read my blog or have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of the worlds first blockchain beer, I’ll go over the concept and how you go about using the QR code to find out the story behind your bottle.  (READ MORE)