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Prove to more shoppers that your company makes your products the right way.


People want to spend money with companies that respect human rights, protect natural resources and ethically source their supplies. But it's not easy for consumers to know the truth behind the items they purchase. If your company does it right, authenticate that and share it using the immutable blockchain and Blockchain Ready Studio. Store and share your certifications and verifications with more consumers. 

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Blockchain and Anti-Counterfit News

How blockchain will allow for fewer counterfeit goods and faster product recalls (10.18.2019)

De Beers is putting diamonds on the blockchain. Walmart is putting lettuce on the blockchain. Startups are putting skin care and liquor and fancy watches on the blockchain. By now, it may be safe to say that if someone, somewhere is selling something, someone else is thinking about how a distributed ledger with a buzzy name might help them do it better. READ MORE >>

Retail Giant Target Unmasks Its Blockchain Framework Aimed At Supply Chain (06.10.2019)

While many major US companies have publicized their entry into the blockchain space, Minnesota-based retailer Target has been quietly working on a blockchain-powered solution for supply chain management, dubbed ConsenSource.

ConsenSource has been in the pipelines since mid-2018, but now Target is stepping up its involvement in the blockchain space with a pledge to support the Hyperledger Grid project. The Hyperledger Grid project is a Linux Foundation ledger-based solutions for all types of cross-industry supply chain scenarios.