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The value of a product is often tied to where it originated. Wine from Napa Valley or Sonoma can't come from South Dakota. It's not Champagne if it's not from Champagne and it's not Bourbon if it's not from Kentucky. There are lots of Elvis products, but did this one come from Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee?  Is the claim of Venetian glass, Egyptian cotton or Wyoming beef?  Let Blockchain Ready Studio bring your destination and retail brand together into one authentic and powerful marketing platform.

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Destination and Blockchain News

How Blockchain Changed The Art World In 2018 (12.17.2018)

2018 has brought both highs and lows to the art market. Auction records were broken, confidence levels wavered, paintings were shredded, and social media continued to change the artist’s role in the industry. One of the most notable changes was the increase in vibrant conversation around blockchain, which is being introduced to broaden the market’s transparency, track ownership and provenance, and provide an infrastructure for the tokenization of fractional artwork sales. READ MORE >>