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Blockchain, Philanthropy & Social Good News

China’s New Model of Blockchain-Driven Philanthropy (Summer 2019)

Blockchain has done more than simply enable Chinese social entrepreneurs to improve the transparency, trustworthiness, and fundraising of the country’s charitable causes. It has helped launch a more decentralized and autonomous philanthropic sector. READ MORE >>

Project Klaytn: blockchain applied for social good (05.13.19)

Ground X, the blockchain unit of South Korean mobile platform Kakao, has successfully completed Project Klaytn, its first pilot. This leverages blockchain technology to enable the monitoring of in-kind donations, including tracking of donations from donors through to beneficiaries.

According to Dr. Jerome Lee, the Head of Ecosystem and Social Impact at Ground X, “Blockchain has the potential to become the solution to address the world’s pressing issues particularly in social and development sectors, and we seek to develop real use cases that utilize blockchain for generating positive social impact.”

Lee added: “We hope that Ground X can take the initiative to promote the power of blockchain in transforming social funding and charitable giving by enhancing transparency and enabling new mechanisms for tracking impact.” READ MORE >>