QR codes can be fun for consumers and can represent your unique brand


Consumers are increasingly curious and yet distrustful of all the claims that come at them. They expect brands to verify their brand promises.

At Blockchain Ready Studio, we are focused on the whole consumer experience from package to mobile landing page. We will help you make sure your message is delivered loudly and clearly.

Shoppers will put their phone on a QR Code to learn more about a product if the instructions are clear and if the QR Code itself is enticing.

QR Codes can be as fun or as serious as you want them to be. They can be in the shape of your product or have a silhouette of your product around them or inside of them.

The main thing is that we have to let shoppers know that there is some valuable information available to them, just a click away.  Shoppers can then learn exactly what they are buying and see that it is as healthy, high quality or earth-friendly as possible.

Get a seamless, easy consumer experience with our blockchain platform.
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